Flat Rate, Honest Small Business IT Support Pricing

Desktop Half

starting at


  • Cloud desktop
  • Updated, patched, secure
  • Access from phone or tablet
  • Run any business software
  • Instashare among network

Server Half

starting at


  • Mail server
  • File server
  • Application server
  • Database server
  • Server operating system

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instasharing?
It's sharing large files across vast distances without waiting on the Internet due to our secret magic. The possibilities of real time collaboration are endless, all from your native desktop environment.

What is end-user ready?
When you buy a new computer, it's not exactly how you need it for your business. It doesn't have the right applications, or the right security and permissions settings. Same thing when you buy a server, or a router, or a switch, firewall, be it virtual, or physical. Someone needs to set it up and configure it to work for your business. That someone is us, and it's included in our end-user ready price.

What does the starting at price mean?
It means exact prices depend on exact needs, but a typical business should be within a standard deviation of the starting at prices. It also means we are actively promoting the fact that our architecture enables us to price a multiple less than the next best alternative.

What happens to my data if I try, but don't buy?
You keep it on equipment you own via our sync feature.

Do you support printing?
Right up until you run out of paper or toner. Yes, we will make sure your computers can talk to your printers, and you can print across your network.

Who am I calling when I call support?
A San Francisco Bay Area IT support person who can screen share, and take over the controls to your computer if needed.