Technology Made Easy

Honest, Transparent, Simple

What if technology was so easy you didn't need an IT guy, or an IT department?


No license fees

What if you never had to pay
for another software license again?

No new hardware

What if changes in software
never forced changes in hardware again?

Always custom

What would the corporate computer experience look like designed for you?

What if Everything Just Worked?

Pie Tech has answered these questions with the Pie Desktop.


Unlock the Shackles of Traditional Software

But there are deeper questions than the business, and technical challenges we solve. Today, the lines of consumer and product are being blurred. Operating systems are keystroke logging to monetize user behavior. Why do you think the latest Mega Software operating system is free?

Mega Software relies on the challenges of interoperability to make leaving their ecosystem difficult. The economic concept is called vendor lock-in, and the idea is to make leaving them a bigger pain than using them.

Pie Tech was founded on the passion to unlock the shackles of traditional, Mega Software IT.